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Becoming The Costume MomTM

Since 2006, I have been a volunteer "costume mom” designing and creating costumes for my daughters’ school theater productions.  I really enjoy the challenge and the creativity required to stretch a costume budget, to re-purpose old costumes, and to come up with simple, inexpensive, and often unexpected solutions.

While costuming for theater, I have often been frustrated by the lack of resources and sewing patterns for many popular characters and time periods.  I find renting or purchasing ready-made costumes often does not fit within the budgets I am provided. Through this blog I will share with you my resources, inspirations, solutions, sewing patterns, and costume ideas so that you too can make spectacular costumes on even the tightest of budgets.

What I Love Most About Costumes

  1. Every costume holds a little magic.  That might sound corny, but when I see a little boy put on a super hero costume, he doesn't just look a little like the character, to him, he is that super hero.  To me, that's magic.  I've seen it hundreds of times and it just never gets old.
  2. Unlike our everyday clothing, costumes don't need to be perfect.  Don't get me wrong, I expect every costume I make to look great, but costumes are all about fun and fantasy, not perfection, and when designing for stage, the viewing distance between audience and stage allows some freedom for us perfectionists.   
  3. If clothes make the man, costumes help make the actor.  I love watching an actor step in to character when they step into costume.   So many times an actor's character eludes them until dress rehearsal when the costume transforms them - a very similar effect to the little boy wearing a super hero costume.
  4. I love group costumes...for kids and adults!  In my opinion, every workplace should encourage their teams to dress up for Halloween.  Group costumes are unifying and fun long after the day they are worn. 

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